Things I’ve Been Reading Lately

First, did you all see that I put the wrong date on the flyer for the Baby and Kids’ Clothing Swap? That’s the kind of thing that happens when you haven’t slept four hours straight in 5 + months. Luckily my awesome sister texted me to fix it as soon as she saw the flyer. The flyer that is posted says the correct date, which is Saturday, June 27th. I just triple checked the calendar …


Delayed Cord Clamping May Benefit Children Years Later – also to take note, “The World Health Organization recommends delayed cord clamping of not less than one minute.”

Why Breast Is Not Best – one of my favorites, “My breasts are not best, but they are easy to remember when I leave the house.” Oh the things I have forgotten on the way out …

Feminist Postpartum Vignettes– well some of these things are happening!

11 Amazing Birth Photos of Half-Born Humans– Ooohhh this is it! This is that magical moment that I’ve been so lucky to see many times and I just can’t explain how beautiful and crazy the moment is! These wonderful pictures give you a glimpse of the intensity too, that feeling of holding your breath while your brain tries to process how one person can magically emerge from another. The best is when the baby’s head or half the body is out and s/he starts “talking!” I’ve seen people jump because it’s so unexpected.

Getting More Milk When Pumping – there’s nothing like getting advice from those who have been there before.

Potato Knish, Two Ways – remembering when I made these just a few days before my little guy wanted to be born, and eating them in bed after the birth. I need to make them again!