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I work with all family types providing comprehensive care through pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. Our appointments are approximately an hour long and are in the comfort of your home. Along with physical care for you and your baby, I will provide you with information and resources for you and your family to make informed decisions that are right for you. We also will discuss your questions and concerns at each appointment and I am available by phone, text or email for anything between appointments. I can do all the routine lab work at our appointments, and give you a referral for ultrasounds medical consultations as needed. I will come to your home when you are in labor to monitor you and your baby, and of course to be there for the birth! In the event that you may need to transfer to the hospital for personal or medical reasons I will accompany you there and continue in a support person role. Postpartum care would then continue in your home, as detailed below. In addition to the six appointments I will check in with you by phone or email around four months postpartum to see how things are going.

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Why do I think families should have access to midwifery care? Because the midwifery model of care is based on working with families to tailor their experience to suit their individual needs. Midwifery care is based on informed choice and the understanding that the midwife will provide her clients with enough information for them to feel empowered to make important decisions about theirs and their baby’s health. Midwifery care happens in spaces that make you comfortable, like your home, so that you can release and work with your body to birth your baby. Midwifery care holds the space for families with respect, honor, trust and love, so they can grow and welcome a new baby into their lives throughout pregnancy, the birth and postpartum.

Billing: I work with a biller and my clients have been able to receive reimbursement at out-of-network rates or more from many insurance companies. I cannot become a Medi-Cal provider at this time but I do have a sliding scale for families who may need this. Please contact me to learn more about my fee and billing options.

Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation to your work during the whole process of my prenatal and postpartum time. You are not only a wonderful, skilled midwife but also have this gentle and healing energy which helped to ease my anxiety about birth. Because of you, my birth experience was beautiful and memorable. -RF

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Hybrid Care

What’s that you ask? Hybrid care is for families who want the benefits of midwifery care as described above but want to ultimately birth in the hospital, for personal or medical reasons. For these families, I do regular prenatal appointments at home, and when labor begins we labor at home until we collectively decide when is the right time to go to the hospital for the birth. After the birth we continue with postpartum visits at home as we normally would.

What is the difference between this care and hiring a doula for the birth? The main difference is families will be getting all of the benefits of midwifery care during our appointments including monitoring your baby’s growth prenatally, discussing and giving suggestions to optimize your health and wellness during our visits, listening to your baby during labor with the Doppler, doing vaginal exams as needed during labor, baby weight checks after the birth, assessing your healing, etc.

This is a really good option for families who are not quite ready to birth at home, who don’t have a home that’s right for a homebirth, or who need to birth in the hospital for medical reasons. It is a way to bring midwifery care to anyone who wants it!

It was an amazing experience, the whole birth. I am beyond grateful for your amazing work and dedication to my family and our whole experience. – ER


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Home Postpartum Services 

The first few weeks after your baby’s birth is an exciting and emotional time. You and your family will go through many changes and adjustments even if you’ve done this before. The care that I provide the birth parent and baby is designed to help ease the transition to life with a newborn. I will come to your home for six visits beginning on day 1 for the first six weeks (more in the beginning and gradually spaced out), and am available with phone and text support between visits. At each visit we can discuss your questions, weigh your baby, assess the birth parent’s health and healing, help with breastfeeding, discuss sleep, nutrition, exercise, emotional health, and much more.

Postpartum midwifery care is the bridge between care for the birth parent and care for the baby, who are both still so connected. It is at these one and a half hour long visits, in the comfort of your home, that I can help you develop a personal plan for caring for your own body and meeting the changing needs of your new baby. Postpartum midwifery care is just the right support that every family needs at the start of a new time in their lives.

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