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Get Outside

Every year we try to do 1-3 backpacking trips. One is a family trip with all five of us and another family with kids. These are usually 2-5 miles in and 2 nights long. Christian likes to do a solo trip if he can that is long and hard but he gets to some pretty amazing places in the mountains, and in his heart. We also take a big kids trip that’s just Christian, me, and the girls. These pictures are from that most recent trip.

There are so many lessons that nature has to offer us. So much learning happens when you’re actually living outside affected by everything around you – the weather, the terrain, the seasons, sunrise and sunset. It’s so easy to be oblivious to the effects of those things when we can be sheltered inside, with an easy way to cook food, running water, and other comforts that having a roof over your head can provide.

I had a lot on my mind this trip and walking miles and miles each day was a great opportunity to think. It kept my mind off of the pain in my toes, ha! I often don’t follow my own advice I give my clients to rest, go for a walk outside, get some fresh air to think. Whenever I do I’m reminded of how good it is and that I should do it more. There’s a clarity that comes from being outdoors (acknowledging that it isn’t safe for everyone to walk around outside, nor does everyone feel comfortable in nature). I try to come back from our backpacking trips with a clear head and a slightly lighter heart. And I’m always grateful for the time spent with my family in that setting – seriously, it’s beautiful in the Sierra Mountains of California!

Historically, it hasn’t always been easy or safe for people of color to go walking around freely outdoors. I notice that most of the time when we’re backpacking, the few people we cross paths with are white. But people are trying to challenge this idea. Here are some links to folks creating spaces where POC/BIPOC folks are adventuring outdoors.

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I hope you all find an adventure, big or small, that helps your heart and head find some peace.