We work with all family types providing comprehensive care through pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. Seeing two care providers through pregnancy ensures that we can build trust, build safety through continuity of care, and build satisfaction in your care. Your homebirth care will include:

In light of new standards of care to prevent the spread and infection of COVID-19 we have made some changes to our practice. These changes affect in-person appointments and the appointment schedule as well as the birth if either client or midwives have been in contact with a person suspected of COVID-19 or showing symptoms themselves. Please email or call if you have questions about the specifics of these changes. Thank you! 

  • Hour long appointments in our Berkeley office or your home
  • Monitoring baby’s growth at every appointment
  • Providing you with information and resources for you and your family to make informed choices
  • We will have time to discuss all of your questions and concerns at each appointment
  • We are available by phone, text, or email for anything between appointments
  • All routine lab work can be done during appointments, and we will provide referrals for ultrasounds or medical consultations as needed (lab and ultrasound fees are paid for separately through insurance)
  • We are on-call for your labor during your due window of 37-42 weeks (40 weeks is considered the due date)
  • During labor, we will come to your home to support you through the process and will monitor you and baby to ensure that everyone is safe and coping well
  • In the event that you need to transfer to the hospital for personal or medical reasons we will accompany you there and continue in a support person role
  • Postpartum care for you and your baby together then continues in your home over 6 appointments or more, as detailed in the postpartum care section
  • And much more!

Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation to your work during the whole process of my prenatal and postpartum time. You are not only a wonderful, skilled midwife but also have this gentle and healing energy which helped to ease my anxiety about birth. Because of you, my birth experience was beautiful and memorable. -RF

Thank you so much for all you have done to care and nurture our family in preparing for and having [our baby]. You are a truly gifted and loving healer and we are so grateful to have worked with you for our homebirth. -CS

For questions, fees, or midwife care inquiries please contact us! We are now accepting 2024 clients. We do not take clients with December or early January due dates because that is our off-call family time. Please include the city where you live. We’re excited to be in touch!