About the Midwives

Home midwifery care is a radical form of care practiced throughout time and all over the world. As long as babies were being born and families were being made, there were midwives present with steady, calm guidance. We evolved our comprehensive practice based on clinical skills and continuing education, the latest research, and the deep knowledge of pregnant people and midwives coming before us. It is a holistic practice focus on the whole person and baby. Homebirth has been proven to be a safe option for low risk clients in large part because of the continuity of care – we are your providers from pregnancy to postpartum – that builds a relationship of trust between us. You know we’ll be there with you not only through pregnancy, but during your labor and birth, and at least 6 weeks of postpartum care.


Evaly Long, CPM, LM, discovered midwifery in 2007 while listening to a segment about midwives on the local public radio station. That was enough to set her on the path to becoming a midwife. She would also learn that homebirth had been a family affair with her mom and four siblings being born at home in Mexico con una Partera (a midwife), and her dad and two siblings born at home in South Carolina. Over three years Evaly apprenticed at Sage Femme Birth Center in San Francisco, with Tres Lunas Midwifery homebirth practice, and Pacifica Family Maternity Center in Berkeley. Along the way Evaly and her husband welcomed their twin daughters, now ten years old, at St Luke’s Hospital, and their son in December 2014, born at home.

Evaly is most excited to help families build their knowledge and confidence through resources, information and building community. She firmly believes that a respectful, trusting relationship between provider and client and the midwifery model of care are amazing ways to start parenthood, regardless of where the birth takes place.

Evaly lives on the beautiful island of Alameda and can be found on the beach with her kids on many sunny days.


Rachel Valenzuela-Ours

As a student midwife and doula, Rachel has supported many clients and loved ones through the transformative experiences of conception, pregnancy, birth, miscarriage, abortion, and early parenting. Her birthwork balances current research and community wisdom, strengthens mind-body-spirit connections, and encourages self-care and resilience. Rachel facilitates a biweekly pregnancy and parenting group for queer, trans, and non-binary parents and parents-to-be. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Women & Gender Studies and a master’s degree in Integrative Health Studies.