About the Midwives

Home midwifery care is a radical form of personalized care practiced throughout time and all over the world. As long as babies were being born and families were being made, there were midwives present with steady, calm guidance and support. We have evolved our comprehensive practice based on clinical skills and continuing education, the latest research, and the deep knowledge of pregnant people and midwives who came before us. It is a holistic practice focused on the whole birthing person, baby, and family. Homebirth has been proven to be a safe option for low risk clients in large part because of the continuity of care – we are your providers from pregnancy to postpartum – that builds a relationship of trust between us. You know we’ll be there with you and your family not only through pregnancy, but during your labor and birth, and through at least 6 weeks of postpartum care.

Evaly Long, CPM, LM

Evaly discovered midwifery in 2007 while listening to a segment about midwives on the local public radio station. That was enough to set her on the path to becoming a midwife. She would also learn that homebirth had been a family affair with her mom and her four siblings being born at home in Mexico con una Partera (with a midwife), and her dad and two siblings born at home in South Carolina. Over three years Evaly apprenticed at Sage Femme Birth Center in San Francisco, with Tres Lunas Midwifery homebirth practice, and Pacifica Family Maternity Center in Berkeley. Along the way Evaly and her husband welcomed their twin daughters, now twelve years old, at St Luke’s Hospital, and their son, six years old, born at home.

Evaly is most excited to help families build their knowledge and confidence through resources, information, and building community. She tries to always hold the pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum journey in the highest honor by listening to what is being said and unsaid by her clients. She knows she and her family live on the ancestral homeland of the Ohlone people that was forcefully taken and hasn’t been given back. As a biracial, light skinned person Evaly is continuously working to root out white supremacy from herself, her family, and community.  She knows that many in the BIPOC, POC, LGBTQ+, and female-identified peoples have been hurt by the medical system and we carry that pain in our bodies. She believes that midwives are one bridge between marginalized communities and safe, respectful healthcare in part because of their mutual relationship built on trust. When all people can be heard and cared for together we will all be free and grow together.

Morgan West, Hummingbird Midwifery, midwife

Morgan West, LM, CPM

Morgan is a California-licensed midwife and the founder of Hummingbird Midwifery. She believes that every family deserves skilled and compassionate support to have a healthy and empowered birth.

Before becoming a midwife, she earned her B.S. in Neuroscience from Lafayette College. She has studied maternal and child healthcare in seven countries and received her early training as a midwife at a high-volume birth center in Indonesia, where she gained a reverence for women’s innate strength and resilience in birth.

Upon moving to Berkeley, she practiced midwifery at a local birth center and in a group homebirth practice before founding Hummingbird Midwifery.

She’s on a mission to create powerful experiences of health and well being for growing families across the Bay Area, integrating her new studies of herbal medicine and birth trauma healing with her work as a midwife.

Rafeal Newport, Student Midwife
Rafeal (pronounced Rah-Fee-L) is a bay area native. She uses she/her/diva pronouns these days. She began her working life as an activist and social justice agent for marginalized people. It was that work which, eventually, led her to midwifery. After 10 years in various roles in the non-profit sector, she became a full time certified doula in 2007! Since then she has had the honor of attending births in all kinds of settings and with many kinds of families. Becoming a midwife has been a journey she has been on since becoming a doula. She knew from her first birth that this was going to be her life’s work. She feels so humbled and overjoyed to be answering such a beautiful calling. She is thankful to be gifted this time of discovery and transformation alongside you while you do the same.


Rachel Valenzuela-Ours, Midwife Consultant

As a student midwife and doula, Rachel has supported many clients and loved ones through the transformative experiences of conception, pregnancy, birth, miscarriage, abortion, and early parenting. Her birthwork balances current research and community wisdom, strengthens mind-body-spirit connections, and encourages self-care and resilience. Rachel facilitated a biweekly pregnancy and parenting group for queer, trans, and non-binary parents and parents-to-be. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Women & Gender Studies and a master’s degree in Integrative Health Studies, and is working toward her Nurse Midwifery degree from Seattle University.