Introducing: Rafeal Newport, Student Midwife

Everyone, I am so very excited to introduce our new Student Midwife, Rafeal Newport. We have already begun doing appointments together and it has been so fun. I like to regularly have some big belly laughs at appointments but these appointments take the cake! It is always a good reminder for me and our clients that we can be talking about big, soul-bearing topics and still make room for laughter.

Check out Rafeal’s bio and her call to midwifery in the About the Midwives tab. I really feel so grateful that we could work together, and I’m really looking forward to doing this whole crazy midwifery ride with Rafeal and Morgan!

I hope that I can help more Black and POC Student Midwives on their path to becoming licensed. Research has shown that Black birthing people have better outcomes and higher satisfaction when cared for by Black midwives. And we know that Black birthing people and babies are dying during birth at rates far higher than their white counterparts. Lastly, because of systemic racism and inequalities, there are far fewer Black doulas and midwives than the Black population in the United States. These are like pieces to a puzzle that just keeps getting worse and worse!

I pledge to donate at least 10% of my yearly income to midwife, doula, and community organizations that are working to reduce racial disparities. If you are interested in donating to help more Black student midwives and doulas get their start please check out these resources.

2021 Doula Training Scholarship

Equity in Midwifery Education

Mercy in Action

Roots of Labor