At-Home Postpartum Care

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At-Home Postpartum Services 

The first few weeks after your baby’s birth is an exciting and emotional time. You and your family will go through many changes and adjustments, even if you’ve done this before. The care that we provide the birth parent and baby is designed to help ease the transition to life with a newborn. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • At least six visits on this schedule: day 1, day 3, day 6, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks, all at home so usually no outside appointments needed!
  • We are available with phone and text support between visits for every question or concern you may have
  • We will weigh your baby at each visit as one data point in your baby’s health
  • We will support you with breast/chest feeding, and if desired, discuss when and how to introduce the bottle
  • We will assess the birth parent’s health and healing, help with sleep, nutrition, exercise, emotional health, etc.
  • If there are older siblings we spend time discussing their adjustment to a new family dynamic and including them in the care

Thank you so much for taking such good care of us as we prepared for our first baby and when he arrived! You really gave us peace of mind during pregnancy and you were such a comfort when we came home.