Billing: we are passionate about providing midwifery care to anyone who is interested, including many who cannot afford the out-of-pocket costs. Please contact me for specifics on fees and payment plans.

  • Homebirth Care – we provide complete midwifery prenatal, birth and postpartum care (check out the Services tab for full details). You will also have access to a birth tub for free for labor or birthing if desired.
  • Sliding Scale Homebirth Care – complete midwifery prenatal, birth and postpartum care available to families for whom the regular midwifery fees are too high. I encourage everyone who can afford the regular fee to start there so we may offer reduced fees to more clients who may be struggling to make ends meet. Everyone deserves access to respectful, unbiased, loving care.
  • Black/Latinx/Indigenous/API clients – I offer a reduced price to those who identify with these categories. For Black pregnant people looking to work with Black midwives, the Black Bay Area Birth fund is available to you. I have more resources for Black/Latinx/Indigenous/API clients on the Resources Page.

I encourage clients with PPO plans to work with Alisha at Earthside Billing. This is a small fee separate from the midwifery fee but well worth it if you want to get some reimbursement from insurance. Clients may receive reimbursement for midwifery fees at out-of-network rates or higher from many insurance companies, after their deductible has been met. HMO and EPO plans will not reimburse for midwifery fees. Clients have also had luck with reimbursement through their HSA or FSA programs.