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Copy of Pregnancy Workshop Series

Sunday, May 6th – nutrition and exercise for a healthy pregnancy, 1st trimester labs: what are your options, explaining results

Sunday, June 3rd – pregnancy discomforts, better sleep and 2nd and 3rd trimester lab options

Sunday, July 1st – getting your mind and body ready for labor and postpartum: We’ll talk about the transformative process that birth can be and the identity shift of becoming a parent on the other side. This is a time to go deep and be open to power of your body, and being vulnerable with your partner and support team. It is also a time where even a little preparation will go a long way, and creating a birth plan and postpartum plan can be so helpful – I will provide templates for both. We will talk about the importance of clear communication and expectations to keep life moving in a positive direction, and help everyone transition to their new roles.

Space limited to 10 people

$15-25 per person

Leela Yoga, 1706 Lincoln Ave. Alameda

Please call or email me to register!