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Airplanes to babies 

I’m waiting at the airport for a flight back home. Yesterday I had the privilege of supporting my friend while she labored to bring her first baby into the world. For many logistical reasons we weren’t sure if  our plan would work. Early morning fog delaying my flight out continued to threaten the plan, even… Continue reading Airplanes to babies 

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Tree Rings

To say that we are living in challenging times right now is an understatement. There is a war going on in our heads and our hearts and everyone is affected. I have the ability to live with some privilege that others do not, so it’s my job to do what I can with that privilege… Continue reading Tree Rings

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This past week I’ve been remembering 4 years ago when we got to be at the births of 5 babies. Five babies, 4 labors in 5 days. If anyone’s doing the math, yes two of those babies were twins. It wasn’t as crazy as one might think, since labors tend to bunch up so we… Continue reading Birthdays

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Baby #4, birth #1

It has been a long time since I’ve written anything in this space. Four months, says the website time stamp of the last post. Too long. But I’ve been a good kind of busy and those four months have flown by. This weekend brought a few babies to the outside world and I’m waiting on… Continue reading Baby #4, birth #1

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Check Your Expectations

I heard a new-to-me program the other day called Invisibilia, from NPR. There are some seriously good episodes on there that I highly recommend, but one caught my attention called, How to Become Batman. This show doesn’t actually have anything to do with pregnancy, birth, parenting, or breastfeeding, yet there’s a section that’s universal to all… Continue reading Check Your Expectations