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More Classes!

I’m super excited to announce more classes for the coming months! I’m teaming up with Beth at Leela Yoga for a birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding workshop series at her beautiful yoga studio. Beth is also teaching her regular Prenatal Partners class for pregnant women and birth partners in September. Sign up for all of these workshops through the Leela site under their Workshops page.

I’m also still teaching classes at Monkey Bars thanks to the amazing Heather. Have you checked out her store? There’s too much good baby and toddler stuff to list and all thoughtfully chosen.

More classes are coming, including some classes in San Francisco, so please keep checking the Classes page for an updated schedule. To sign up just send me an email at

Pregnancy classes:

Why would you need a class about being pregnant? I like to talk about nutrition and exercise, two of the foundations of pregnancy, and discussing and sharing remedies for some of the typical ailments and complaints of pregnancy like nausea, swelling and insomnia. One of the important topics to discuss are all those tests of pregnancy – why you would take them, what the results mean and what to do with that information. I think this is especially important for the first trimester testing. Another good thing that comes from pregnancy classes? Meeting other pregnant families going through the same stages as you!

Labor/Birth, Breastfeeding and Postpartum classes:

Why are these important? Preparedness and being informed. I can’t tell you exactly what your experience will be like but I can give you some general guidelines and information to help you through this time, or more specific feedback on your unique situation. And yes I am a midwife but no I will not push you to have a homebirth or natural birth if that wasn’t your intention.

Even Spider Woman would need a class!
Even Spider Woman would need a class! photo credit