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I just took a little break from Island Midwife and did something I rarely do, I watched TV. Not only did I watch TV but I watched a whole season of a show. I won’t say which because it’s a little embarrassing, but Satisfying, like eating a big thing of chocolate, except now I feel a little mind numb. Reading is good for the mind, right? Here are some links I’ve collected from friends and searching around –

Breastfeeding – A much better way to start breastfeeding by allowing your baby to be an active participant and utilizing all of the cool reflexes she has specifically to help her find the nipple and latch by herself. An awesome success story of a trans woman and mother who induced lactation and breastfed her baby, really beautiful! Breastfeeding has a positive impact on survivors of sexual assault, as detailed by these studies. More support for helping families who want to breastfeed!!

Pregnancy/Birth – A doula in TX made a list of 11 Ted talks for pregnancy and birth. I haven’t seen all of them but I bet they will be amazing!

Change for women and girls – This was a fascinating article on why more women should be in the sciences, and how science should be taking women into account in their research. These sisters (twins, yes!) are working to use technology to help women in Sri Lanka get jobs – ” … we have come to recognize that perhaps one of the biggest challenges facing those in the developing world—and even in the developed world—is access to information. Even as we live in a world that is so ‘connected,’ there are so many individuals that are left outside of our human networks— people who are not taught what basic healthcare looks like or how to report incidents of rape or even how to find a job.” Yes, yes, yes. This lack of access to information is what I want to address with my classes, and why I want to make them available to anyone who wants to take them!

I’ve also been listening to the audio book, Elevating Child Care by Janet Lansbury, and it has been wonderful. Many of these suggestions are things I already do but she has new tips and tricks too. I would recommend this to any parent or parent-to-be! (Also, can I just say again, audio books are amazing?! I rarely have free time – well I guess I did this past week if I watched so much TV – but audio books have allowed me to “read” while I’m doing something that needs to get done. I’m so happy I have finally jumped on this bandwagon!)

Classes – I was able to do my Labor and Birth class for one of my favorite couples and I had so much fun! While I really enjoyed doing an individual class, I think it would be great to have a small group as well – there’s something neat about knowing that other families are also about to take that journey through labor. It’s very connecting.

Also, I’m working to partner up with a local yoga studio and pediatrician practice to teach more classes! These classes will begin in the fall, more details to come. Until then, I’m slowing down to enjoy this last month of summer break with my kiddos.

OH! I almost forgot to mention that I’m taking homebirth clients who are due in 2016! It feels so good to be able to open up my practice to homebirth again. Please contact me if you have questions or would like to interview.

One of our midwives weighing our little guy at home!