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Coming up: Labor and Birth Class on Saturday!

046 Huge Socks
Newborn socks on our tiny twin

This past weekend we celebrated my girls’ 7th birthday. 7!! The evening before their birthday, around 11pm, I have always smiled at the thought of when my labor started with the POP of my water breaking. This was surprising because there is such a wide window of time when labor starts for twin babies (mine was at 35 weeks), and I didn’t expect it to start with my water breaking. Plus my sweats that I was going to wear for labor got wet – yes I had planned my labor outfit.

I remember many things from my labor with my girls but one that stands out is that I’m glad we put the waterproof mattress cover on early!

Labor and Birth Class this Saturday, July 25th, 1-4pm. Contact me if you are interested!

$25-50 sliding scale