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Coming Up: Postpartum Class this Thursday!

I finally finished up my postpartum care series posts and I really know one thing, it’s difficult to decide which aspects of postpartum to focus on because there’s so much that needs to be said! We didn’t even talk about the specifics of caring for a newborn! Many people spend a lot of time preparing for the baby’s birth by researching hospitals and doctors or midwives, hiring doulas, taking birth classes (total shameless plug: labor and birth class, 7/25), even finding the perfect outfit. But how do you really prepare for after the baby comes? Well this is the class that answers that question.

Postpartum is more than learning how to change a diaper and when you can start exercising again. It’s also about healing and recovery, the emotional adjustment of having a new baby, figuring out what to expect from your changed body, and developing a healthy relationship with your baby. And, as the lovely picture below shows, postpartum is about bringing the community of support to you so you can actually do all of the things just mentioned.

Mothering the Mother

So please join me for this class this Thursday, July 16th from 9 – 11:30am at my house (email me for details). The class is $25-50, sliding scale.

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